The Vegan Theory!

When choosing vegan at a restaurant, do you sometimes feel a little short-changed? Well, not at Burger Theory… We go the extra mile to ensure there’s plenty of choice for our plant-based friends; with vegan patties, cheeses and milkshakes available and we even encourage meat eaters to take a break.  Here’s how and why…

At Burger Theory, we believe everyone deserves a good burger, but we also believe that good food shouldn’t cost the earth. In our kitchen, 0% of our food is produced using GM produce, MSG or unsustainable food products like palm oil. We also recycle as much as possible and only use compostable packaging.

With a little bit of creativity, we encourage people to take a break from meat by offering an exciting range of vegetarian and vegan burgers. And if they don’t? We ensure all of our meat is free-range and grass-fed. You can read more about our meat suppliers here.

As mentioned above, we’ve always had an impressive veggie menu but now we’ve taken it to the next level by introducing the plant-based Moving Mountains patties to our menu. Allowing any beef burger to be made veggie or vegan – including the cheese, homemade sauce ’n’ all!

Customers can even go the full mile with a vegan milkshake or how about vegan ice cream to finish?


Over 23% of our customers eat our vegetarian and vegan burgers, and we love it, but we want even more!

Haven’t tried us yet? Top tip – If you visit us on Mondays you’ll receive free fries with any veggie or vegan burger ordered in support of the nationwide #MeatFreeMonday campaign because, as they say, one day a week can make a world of difference.


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